Cai Cuihong, “Paradox between Technological Hegemony and Super Power”
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Cai Cuihong, “Paradox between Technological Hegemony and Super Power,”Frontiers , July 2019

【Abstract】Technological hegemony has become the strategic choice of the major western developed countries, and to some extent it has obviously risen to the national will. Technological hegemony is a consistent strategy of the United States. Its technological hegemony is a government-wide strategy initiated by multi-sectors. Specific means of technological hegemony include trade protection and technical barriers, economic sanctions and judicial intervention, restriction of communication and technological blockade, policy coercion and technology alliance. But in the era of global changes, technological hegemony not only fails to achieve its goal, but also weakens the super power of the United States, leading to a decline in competitiveness, distorted supply chains, reduced soft power and a weakening of alliance system, thus weakening its hegemonic position. Technology is a powerful force to promote social development, but its role is based on openness. Big powers should restrain instinctive thinking and impulse of technological hegemony, continue to maintain open cooperation in science, technology and education, and jointly promote the construction of the community of shared future for mankind. 

【Keywords】Technological Hegemony, Super Power, U.S.-China Trade Friction, Technological Barriers, Supply Chain 

【Author】Cai Cuihong, Professor at Center for American Studies, Fudan University