GUO Dingping
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GUO Dingping

Professor, Ph.D., Fudan University (1999),  Tokyo University(2002)

Research Interests: Terrorism, International Security



    Guo Dingping is Professor of political science at Fudan University. He got his first Ph.D. from Fudan University in 1999 and second one from Tokyo University in 2002. His research interests focus on comparative politics and international relations in East Asia. His publications include books such as Political Culture and Democratic Transition in Eat Asia (Co-author, Fudan University Press, 2015), Culture and Democracy (editor, Fudan Political Science Series No. 8, Shanghai People's Press, 2010), Studies of Political and Diplomatic Transformation in Japan (editor, Fudan University Press, 2010), The Community-Building in East Asia: Theory and Practice. (editor, Fudan University Press, 2008), Governance and Democracy in Shanghai (Chongqing Press,2005), A Study of the Democratic Transition in Korea (Beijing: Social Science Press of China, 2000)


Ph.D. (Fudan University, 1999)

Ph.D. (University of Tokyo, 2002)


Comparative Politics

Comparative East Asian Politics

Political Economy of East Asia

Research Interest:

Political Theory

Comparative Politics

Chinese Politics

Politics and International Relations in East Asia