Symposiums of China' s Neighboring Diplomacy
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Symposiums of China’s Neighboring Diplomacy of Fudan University (hereafter referred to as “the Symposiums”) are a series of academic activities hosted by Center for China’s Relations with Neighboring Countries of Fudan University (CCRNC-Fudan) on a yearly basis. By November 2018, CCRNC-Fudan had successfully hosted eight Symposiums, which invited scholars and experts coming from the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, renowned colleges and think tanks home and abroad. The Symposiums are composed of discussions on China’s neighboring diplomatic situation of the year as well as forecasts of the development trend of neighboring diplomacy in the next year.

1. Symposium of “China’s Neighboring Diplomacy in the Next Decade: New Challenges, Conception and Strategies”

Time: 17 December 2013


2. Symposium of “Evaluation, Trend and Strategies of China’s Recent Neighboring Security Situation”

Time: 25 July 2014 

3. Symposium of “China’s Neighboring Diplomacy in the Age of XI Jinping: New Concepts, New Strategies, and New Policies

Time: 30 November 2014


4. Symposium of “the Strategic Positioning and Basic Contents of the Belt and Road Initiative”

Time: 18-19 June 2015


5. Symposium of “Assessments and Prospects on China’s Neighboring Diplomacy in 2015”

Time: 1-2 December 2015


6. Symposium of “Assessments and Prospects on China’s Neighboring Diplomacy in 2016”

Time: 5-6 November 2016


7. Symposium of “Trump Administration and China’s Neighboring Diplomacy: New Development and New Issue”

Time: 11-12 November 2017


8. Symposium of “Opportunities and Challenges of China’s Neighboring Diplomacy in the New Era”

Time: 16-17 November 2018



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